A personal journey and lifelong battle with weight
I had tried everything...

Terrene Life™ RTF protocol stems from a personal journey and lifelong battle with weight. I had tried everything: exercise routines, fruit diets, vegetable diets, perfectly balanced diets, low and zero carb diets, detox diets, pills and potions, body wraps, vibrating machines, pulsing machines and a number of the more well-known diet companies.

Weighing in at 74 kg with a height of under 5 foot, I was eventually told by doctors that I could not and never would lose weight due to my personal body chemistry and genetics. I was floored and fell into a deep depression at that point, which lasted about 3 days. On day 4 I woke up enraged.

I could not accept being a victim of my own body. I refused to believe that I was somehow a 'mistake' and was certain that the answer existed 'out there somewhere'. I began burning the midnight oil searching for formal study courses that could help me find those answers, aware that my existing knowledge of the human body and nutrition was very obviously not enough.

My first choice was to pursue a qualification as a dietician, but being on the cusp of 50, with various encumbrances, returning to full time academia was not a feasible option. Distance studies in nutritional therapy was the next logical choice, but no degree courses were on offer except, once again, as full time study. In the end I enrolled for a diploma in nutritional therapy. At the same time I turned my passion for health research toward my own dilemma, delving deeper into human physiology and endocrinology.

My husband was amazing as he watched his wife practically vanish into this obsessive learning curve, the eventual end result of which was the RTF protocol.

Even once I was certain that I had the answer, I went back and re-researched every bit of it, excited yet still nervous of having yet another hope shattered. 'Neurotic' would probably have been a good word to describe me through this process. Finally, I put it to the test. My sister, who had also been battling with stubborn weight gain since the onset of menopause, decided to do it with me.

Within 5 months I went from 74kg to 48kg and from size 40 to size 32. I was finally, true to my name, feeling alive again for the first time in decades.My sister, 8 years my senior, lost all her hormonal weight on the hips, stomach, upper arms and thighs. A total of 18kg.

I will be forever greatful to her for her trust in following me down this road because it is entirely to her credit that this became more than just my personal journey. After years of zero self-esteem I had no friends and never left the house. She however was very much in the public eye with her business and, as people wanted to know how she had achieved her huge transformation, so she started sending them to me to help them. Terrene Life™ Weightloss and Wellness was inadvertently (and rather reluctantly!) born.

Despite no formal qualification in nutrition, I had been involved in natural health for roughly 30 years prior to this, based on a firm belief that we are perfectly created and that God, through nature, has provided everything we need for health and survival. During these years one of my most ardent activities has consistently been health research, largely inspired by the health needs and problems of those around me.

Since launching Terrene Life™ Weightloss and Wellness the fire of my passion has been fueled even further as I have been exposed to more and more people suffering with chronic health problems. 

This has led to me spending thousands of hours pouring through research papers, studies, clinical trials and even anecdotal references. This is an ongoing pursuit and remains one of my greatest passions and most absorbing hobbies. Due to this Terrene Life™ Weightloss and Wellness is able to provide far more than a single weight loss programme and is constantly growing to incorporate more offerings and services. 

The first of these was inspired by my own husband who was fighting a daily battle with heart failure, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and depression, along with unmovable, excessive weight. As anyone suffering with diabetes knows, weight loss is a major challenge. All of this was in addition to a recent history of 3 heart attacks within an 18 month period.

Congestive heart failure brings with it many complications and implications and I realised that a protocol as radical as the RTF protocol would clearly pose too high a risk for him, yet I also knew that the answer lay somewhere within the protocol. A different approach was required, which took me back into further research related to heart disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes. Next came tentative testing, which left me very humbled by hubby's immense trust and faith in me. It was a slow process with very close monitoring, but out of this, a modified, safe-for-heart-failure Terrene Life™ protocol was born. Using this process he achieved a total weight loss of 38kg over a period of 8 months and pharmaceutical medications were able to be vastly reduced.

I have since personally done the RTF protocol 4 times, each time forcing myself to gain weight so that I could experiment with variations, modifications and different scenarios. This experimentation also included employing different well-touted diet tips, tricks and supplements to see if any would add to the weight loss. Each time I returned back to the original protocol, finding that strict adherence is the only thing that consistently produces the same rapid results. Then there are also the clients who find it hard to believe that they cannot bolster their losses further with these popular 'tricks' and insist on playing with them. The outcome is the same in every case. Variations and deviations have negative impact, while strict adherence always - literally always - produces high losses.

That is the most incredible thing about this. It always does work.

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