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Fast Diet Weight Loss - Before and After
Just a few of our success stories

Here are just a few of our success stories. We believe in the privacy that our clients enjoy. We will not post pictures or testimonials without express permission.

We do not often post before and after photos but when Monique sent hers to us we felt her pictures were a good demonstration of how the R.T.F. Diet proportions...Thank you Monique for your permission to use these.

Monique Steven - Roodeport
Age : 34
Weight Loss : 9.9 Kgs.

I joined the Younique* weightloss programme as I wanted to lose a few extra kg's that I had gained during the course of the year and was just battling to get rid of, I wanted something that would work quickly and be sustainable, someone I knew had very successfully lost weight on Younique* and kept it off so I decided it was the way to go.

My results were quite rapid and it was very motivational to see my weight dropping on almost a daily basis. Whilst I found Phase 2 very challenging due to the amounts of physical exercise I was doing, the motivation of the daily losses kept me going as did Vivienne's unwavering support, there were times that I was ready to give up but Vivienne very tactfully kept me on track. Initially, I was concerned that the support might be an issue with me being based in Jo-burg and the support being provided remotely from Durban, however the support was excellent, Vivienne was very responsive and very quickly responded to SMS'S and e-mails.

In four weeks I am within 1kg of my ideal weight (something which I had actually given up as unachievable quite a few years ago). All I have wanted to achieve from a weight loss perspective, is to shamelessly wear a pair of shorts in the summer. I think I have achieved that already and not only that, I might even be able to shamelessly wear a bikini this summer. I am thrilled with the results!

Dianne - La Lucia

7.5 Kg in 5 Weeks

Sheetal - Durban

8.7 Kg in 6 Weeks

Shelagh - Jo'burg
13 Kg in 6 Weeks

Manuela - Durban
12 Kg in 8 Weeks

Jennie - Jo'burg

11.5 in 6 weeks

Anusha Ramlagan - Phoenix
Age : 31
Weight Loss : 8Kgs.

Anusha had been battling to lose post baby weight and had a few social challenges while on the diet. Despite this she ended up just 2 kilos shy of her ideal weight.

Anusha's comments: " Do not think twice. This is the one programme that you will see results, and fast. To be noted you need to be disciplined.

Joining this programme I have once again become a confident person. It was a lot of discipline but with Viv's constant support I have achieved my body/figure that I lost a while ago. I will recommend this programme to anyone and everyone that is wanting to lose weight.

Thank you Viv for creating such a wonderful diet. "

Prantosh Ramlagan - Phoenix
Age : 32
Weight Loss : 13.5Kgs.

This was Prantosh's first diet and he joined his wife because both weighed heavier that they ever had. Prantosh had a real weakness for carbs and fast foods. Despite that he stuck to the diet and lost the weight.

Prantosh's comments: " Go fot it! I never had a bad experience.

I never thought I could lose this much weight in 2 months. I am completely satisfied and will recommend this programme to anybody! "

Miss X (Total anonymity requested)
Age : 26
Weight Loss : 8Kgs.

Miss X was a dedicated dieter despite falling victim to carbs in the early weeks. Chocolate bars were her weakness but after a few weeks she managed to gain control and lost weight quite regularly. She was happy to allow her testimonial to appear on our website to encourage other dieters, but wanted to completely hide her identity.

Miss X's comments: " YouNique* Weight Loss programme changed my mindset. I'm now aware of the food I consume and what I should abstain from eating and the overall impact it has on my health and wellbeing, I now drink at least 2 litres of water a day compared to what I used to drink.

To all those that have tried every diet on the market and lost hope with no results, I recommend YouNique* diet programme to you. This diet has amazed me and exceeded my expectations. Vivienne is truly a God send with her constant guidance and support. I have lost weight almost everyday which motivated me. I'm 100% sure that it will do the same for you. "

Camilla Moodley - Morningside
Age : 33
Weight Loss : 12Kgs.

Camilla had tried to lose weight for over 2 years and tried various other diets before coming to us. Like many new clients, when she heard how strict it was, she was nervous that she would not be able to stick to the protocol fully. She did.

Camilla's comments: " This programme is life changing. Although it is very challenging, you see daily results which keep you motivated. Definitely worth it but not for the faint hearted.

Vivienne is a great support and her advice is both personal and practical. "

Sheetal Karshan - Durban
Age : 40
Weight Loss : 20Kgs.

Sheetal was a great dieter and embraced what we could do for her. Sheetal gained weight after her 3rd child and struggled to lose it. Sheetal and her husband run their own business as well as a family so as you can imagine she has very little time. She was one of the few of our dieters that did not cheat at any time.

Sheetal's comments: " The was the best thing I have ever done! It worked faster than gyming and I would recommend it to anyone. The diet has given me more confidence, a spring in my step and more energy especially after 3 kids. I look fantastic! "

Susan Celliers - Johannesburg
Age : 29
Weight Loss : 33Kgs.

Susan has always had a problem with obesity since her teenage years. No diet she tried worked for her until a friend referred her to YouNique*.

Although very skeptical at first, she started to see results within 48 hours and went on to lose a total of 33 Kgs over two sessions, one of 12 weeks and the second lasting 5 weeks, with a 3 month break in between.

Susan's comments: "I am still in shock that the diet worked and cannot stop looking in the mirror. I have never been so vain! Your support was unbelievable, even long afterwards when I was scared to try eating normal foods again. I could not have done it without you walking me so carefully through every phase. Thank you so very much! "

Cynthia Thompson- Durban
Age : 67
Weight Loss : 30 Kgs.

Cynthia suffered with heart problems and arthritis in the hips. Cynthia needed to lose weight quickly. She took to the diet very well and lost 30 Kgs in 18 weeks.

Cynthia's comments: "I am very happy that I did it, I lost 30 kilos in 18 weeks & everyone I know is complimenting me on my size and looking much younger. At my age it's amazing that I lost weight at this rate but I know that if it had been slower I would have given up as I have many times before.

Thank you Vivienne ".

Dianne Gold Parkes - La Lucia
Age : 62
Weight Loss : 7.5Kgs.

Dianne did not have much weight to lose and was only on the diet 5 weeks. Dianne's weight loss was slowed by being on anti-inflammatories for a knee problem.

Dianne's comments: "Thank you Viv for bringing me to this stage and listening to my horror stories on life. Your friendship is valued ".

Manuela Pearson - Durban
Age : 51
Weight Loss : 12 Kgs.

Manuela was exremely sceptical and expected the diet to fail as all other before have. In fact Manuela continued to frown through her appointments until she was happy that the weight loss was consistant. Manuela was a great dieter and did not cheat.

Manuela's comments: "The diet turned me back into the person I was before my body decided to go crazy. Happier and more positive about myself and hot flushes gone.

Not for the faint hearted but you will not be sorry that you did it ".

Alisa Reddy - Durban
Age : 33
Weight Loss : 12Kgs.

Alisa was by far the best dieter we had. She did not have much weight to lose but followed the diet protocols and did not cheat. Alisa did the diet for 8 weeks and was happy with her goal weight.

Alisa's comments: "I am so confident dressing up and feel energised. I have not been happy with my weight since I had my daughter 6 years ago.

I am incredibly grateful to Vivienne for her continued support and motivation and I personally feel her approach makes this programme work. "

Keseri Harinarain - Durban North
Age : 45
Weight Loss : 8.2 Kgs.

Keseri did not have a lot of weight to lose but a spinal injury meant that weight she carried on her stomach was causing great discomfort. Keseri took well to the diet and used the allowed spices and herbs to enhance the flavours. Keseri hit her target weight and took the pressure from her back.

Keseri's comments: " It is someting you must do for yourself or else it won't work. Stick to it and you will love the results.

In the beginning it was hard but once you start to prepare youself and use your immagination the food is devine.It is a goal you have to try and acheive. You don't just lose weight you lose centimetres too!

Nothing is impossible...The word is "I...m..Possible" ".

Shanice Harinarain - Durban North
Age : 22
Weight Loss : 14.7Kgs.

Shanice is doing the diet simply to lose weight. Her approach to the diet had been diligent and she has lost weight well.

Shanice's comments: " YouNique* Weight Loss is unlike any diet I have tried. The constant weightloss you see keeps you motivated to carry on as well as the support given to me.

It has been a good experience and the diet has given me excellent results. "

Jennie Dallas - Johannesburg       Age : 55      Weight Loss : 18 Kgs.

Jennie joined us because she wanted to look good for her daughter's wedding. She extended her programme as far as she could to achieve maximum losses without compromising her ability to stabilize in time and ended up doing it for 10 weeks. She gave such an extensive feedback comment that we will let her speak for herself ...

Jennie's comments: "I have always struggled with my weight and could motivate myself to lose up to 4 or 5 kgs but then lost the plot and put it back on and had to start again - gradually gaining weight over the years due to bad eating habits and lack of understanding as to what are GOOD diet foods and what not i.e. I thought lentils and Chickpeas were great proteins not realizing that they are also a carb etc.

This diet was really tough for the first two months with really limited options to choose from to eat especially someone like me who already has a big list of foods I don't eat anyway - some vegs, no cooked veg at all and no Fish for example so my choices were even more limited - I may never eat cabbage or spinach again after crunching and munching raw almost daily what a lot of effort!!

But the feedback/ explanations and weight losses were impressive and very motivational and it was only for a LIMITED SHORT TERM PERIOD so it was MANAGEABLE and DOABLE and the reward was there - it helped to have a wedding to attend 2 months down the line - this is the best kind of motivation of all of course - to KNOW WHY you are "suffering"!!!

The maintenance / protein / fats diet has been super although I was never a big meat eater (and not a fish eater either) but I have loved it as there are lots of choices and options and I can enjoy the yoghurt/seeds/fruit dish (like ice cream or pudding treat) as well as eggs/cheese which are among my favourites and eventually got used to the steaks etc .

Am looking forward to going forward although nervous that I will lose the plot but I feel that Vivienne will be there to guide me and the Fasting water day with Steak was a great success so I am sure I can keep the weight at the level it should remain at even if I overdo a day here or there as there are ways to "fix" when necessary and my overall MIND TRAINING is now STRONGER and more determined than previously so I CAN DO IT if needed..AND I have learned SO Much about the GOOD foods and foods to be avoided so I am SURE we can go forward positively."

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