Become A Terrene Life™ Weightloss And Wellness Franchisee

What’s in it for you?

Low start-up costs
The benefit of following an existing, working business model
The full support of Terrene Life™ behind you
Out-of-the-box startup kit provided
Full training provided
Advertising of the brand and programme for you
Clients for your area fed to you automatically
Representing a brand which is growing
Helping people achieve their health and weight loss goals! 

How it works:

You pay a Franchise sign-up fee outlined in our information pack, which entitles you to operate as a franchise and which covers the costs of what Terrene Life™ Head Office provides in your starter pack which is outlined below.

For each client that signs up, you would purchase registration kits from us at R1150 per kit, and an exponentially smaller fee per extension and restart. There would also be a 2% monthly royalty fee (based on turnover) and 5% monthly advertising fee, payable for the lifetime of your franchise. Alternatively, these two fees can be waived and kits are charged at R1550 each (see Alternate Payment Model) which works out at approximately the same value per month, but with less admin. 

Should we decide to run a national promotion with reduced prices and where you are given no option but to partake, we will bear the cost of any discounts offered.

Where we run a national promotion and give you the option to take part or not, the discount will be split equally between you and us.

You may at any time run a local special promotion, subject to our prior approval in terms of the promotional discount, the geographical area of the promotion and the period of the promotion. The full cost of the discount would be to your expense. This limitation is imposed purely to prevent Franchisees from getting into price wars and running promotions in such a way that they would potentially be detrimental to another Franchise. 

We limit the number of Franchisees per geographical area, based on the area size, population and demographics in an attempt to minimize competition between Franchisees.

Additional Services Provided by Head Office

Screening and training of new consultants for your Franchise.
Certification of consultants (yourself included). Certification requires the successful completion of 20 real client case studies in your Franchise or at a Franchise agreed with Head Office.
Sale of marketing materials, protocol start-up kits, documentation and equipment.
Free advice and support with client evaluations, assessments and monitoring.
Web-based software for the use of yourself and your clients to allow for simpler client monitoring, record keeping and overall reporting.  
Assistance with local promotional campaigns specific to your Franchise and/or region.
Arrangement of regional and national promotional activities (exhibitions, etc.).
Marketing of all Terrene Life™ products and services.
Access to all new additional services or products developed by Terrene Life™. 

Our Commitment to You

All enquiries that come into head office for your area will be rerouted to you. Overflow of remote clients can be routed to Franchisees at the discretion of Terrene Life™ Head Office.
We will actively advertise and promote the Terrene Life™ brand and programme to encourage sales, utilizing the marketing fund which you and Terrene Life™ Head Office both contribute to. 


Suitable premises that allow sufficient room for:

A client waiting area that is in accordance with the Terrene Life™ branding and philosophies.
A private consultation area that contains all the equipment and takes into account client comfort and instills client confidence in both your outlet itself and Terrene Life™.
Display of Terrene Life™ on-site marketing and promotional materials (Provided).
A laptop or computer that has adequate internet access.
Either a cash register or cash box and receipt book.
Sufficient, secure parking space for clients (at least 2 additional vehicles). 

Ability and willingness to dedicate sufficient time:

• daily to the acceptance and inputting of client data to the central database.
weekly for weekly weigh-ins and the related database updates.
additionally, where required, to assist with regional exhibitions and promotional activities as and when these take place.
adhoc to provide documentation / information as required by Head Office.
weekly to perform stock take and related administrative tasks.

Other requirements:

A dedicated cellphone/ dual sim phone to which clients can Whatsapp/SMS their daily weights and receive support.
A cabinet or cupboard that can be securely locked for storage of product and materials.
A cabinet or bookcase for products to be displayed.
A filing cabinet for client files (these are suspension files with folders) – a small box file set is provided with your setup kit which will serve for several months while you build up a client base.
A fan for summer and a heater for winter to keep clients comfortable in both the consulting room(s) and waiting area.
A camera (a good phone camera is acceptable) to take before and after photos.
A sound system which can play music from USB (preferably, otherwise a CD can be provided). 

Qualifying Requirements:

You must pay the Franchise fee in full and upfront before receiving any equipment, product or training.
You must have completed at least 1 full course of the Terrene Life™ Weightloss and Wellness programme.
You must meet the minimum operational requirements.
You must possess a passion for assisting people with the Terrene Life™ Weightloss and Wellness protocol and have a genuine desire to help each client succeed.
You must, within 3 months of becoming a franchisee, achieve certification status as a Terrene Life™ consultant. 

Startup Kit Contents:

5 x Client registration kits:

Phase 1&2 Journals
Phase 3&4 Journals
Supplementary Meal Guides
Extension Journals
Pocket Guides
Business cards
Urinalysis kits for remote clients
Feedback forms for remote clients 


Physician scale
Blood pressure monitor
Tape measure
Girth measure (for very large clients)
Urinalysis test pack 

Document pack supplied digitally on USB drive:

Signup forms
Initial evaluation forms
Weekly evaluation sets
Price lists
Cash-back information sheets
Quick Phase 1 guidelines
Phase 2 Sample 1-week menu
Phase 2 Meal Plan and recipes 

Marketing pack:

500 business cards
2 Block-mounted marketing posters
1 Roll-up banner
1000 x A6 flyers
10 Shop window posters (display at hairdressers, public toilets, etc)
2 x magnetic car signs
10 x R100 Discount vouchers
10 x R200 Discount vouchers
10x R300 discount vouchers
Listing on the Terrene Life website and email address
USB with required background music for consulting rooms


Operations manual, which includes information on the following:
- the use of your equipment
- marketing techniques and promotional strategies that you can use locally
- full protocol implementation guidelines
- trouble-shooting area for each phase of the protocol
- various operational controls and requirements
Access to CMS database which must be used to log and track all client progress (upon launch)

Full operations startup kit (plastic cups for urine, stationery kit, client folders, small hanging file system)
Assessment templates (makes initial client assessments simpler to do)


Comprehensive training in Durban: theoretical and practical. The costs of your travel and accommodation are not included in the Franchise fee and you will need to make your own arrangements in this regard.

Should you require assistance with finding suitable accommodation, we can assist by recommending establishments.

You are entitled to bring 1 additional person with you for training, for a nominal additional fee. This person must however also have completed the Terrene Life™ weight loss protocol. 

Non-essential product: 

Although it is not essential, we strongly recommend that you keep a small stock of convenience items to make it easier for your clients. While your profit on these are not high once you are buying them in, it can be an easy way to add to your income and help your clients at the same time.

To help get you going, your startup kit includes a small free stock of protocol-critical items.

All of the items listed below can later be purchased from us at a wholesale price. You are however under no obligation to purchase these items from us.

Stevia sweetener dispensers: 5
Tantalize sweetener: 5
Erythritol sweetener 250g: 5
Carrs Table Water Wafers: 5 


5 Full protocol kits valued at R20,750.00. 

Your startup kit has been put together in such a way that you are able to recover your Franchise cost in under a year.

If this business opportunity excites you then email to receive our full information pack.

Terms and Conditions

Franchises are designated and sold according to specific geographical locations and no Franchise may actively promote their own Franchise outside of their designated geographical area. Where the extended area does not have coverage by any other Franchise at the time of the promotion, special permission can be obtained from the Terrene Life™ Head Office to temporarily waive this limitation.

Notwithstanding the above stipulation, there is no limitation on Franchises accepting clients from areas outside of their designated area, provided that these clients have not been solicited in any way by the out-of-area Franchise. The purpose of this clause is to allow clients the freedom to deal with Franchises with whom they feel more comfortable and to refer family and friends who may not be within the designated area. 

No marketing or promotional materials may be sourced from anywhere other than the Terrene Life™ Head Office. This includes, but is not limited to: pamphlets, posters, banners, business cards or any item that bears the Terrene Life™ name or logo.

No advertisements in any media may be generated by a local agent without the prior approval of the Terrene Life™ Head Office. Advertisements that target an area broader than the Franchise’s specifically designated area of operations may only be placed by Terrene Life™ Head Office.

No other weight loss programme may be offered from the same premises.

Premises must at all times remain suitable and may be inspected by Terrene Life Head Office as any time.

Presentation of Terrene Life™ and its products, branding, Franchises and Franchise staff must at all times be done to an acceptable standard.

You may not, under any circumstances, employ any person, whether full-time, part-time or on any other basis, including but not limited to a free, voluntary worker, as a consultant in your Franchise, nor allow any person to act as a consultant in your Franchise unless that person has themselves completed the Terrene Life™ Weightloss protocol, possesses the required characteristics of a Terrene Life™ consultant, has been fully trained and has been approved as a consultant by Head Office.

Only the sim card provided may be used for communicating with clients and said sim card remains the property of Terrene Life™.

Costs of data, wifi, telephone lines, staff, electricity, taxes and other internal overheads are borne solely by the Franchise.

Equipment supplied by Terrene Life™ can be replaced if damaged but if out of warranty, or damaged through neglect or misuse, cost will be to the Franchise. Only the Terrene Life™ approved equipment must be used in the Franchise (where equipment has been specified).

Terrene Life™ will not be liable for any lost income due to errors or lack of active sales on the part of any Franchise.

No Franchise can have more than 50 clients, per consultant, actively completing Phase 2 of the Terrene Life™ programme at any one time, without express permission from Terrene Life™ Head Office, in order to ensure that the expected standard of service can be maintained.

Time off for vacations, sick leave and such is handled as you would in any business where you are self-employed. Franchisees and consultants cannot be unavailable without notice to clients and Head Office and clients must have support during such absences. Head Office will make every reasonable effort to assist you at such times and in emergency situations.

Any Franchise found to be in violation of the terms of the agreement with Terrene Life™ will forfeit all rights and all products, kits, marketing material, training material and equipment provided by Terrene Life™ will be seized.

Cancellation of the Franchise agreement by the Franchisee will cause forfeit of all rights of the Franchisee and all products, kits, marketing material, training material and equipment provided by Terrene Life™ must be returned.

The Franchise fee excludes the cost of postage / transport of goods and equipment to the Franchisee if they do not collect in person. Where possible Terrene Life™ will endeavor to have equipment delivered directly to the Franchisee when we place the orders.

Franchisees may not at any time charge a client either more or less than the prescribed programme fee unless authorized by Terrene Life™ Head Office.

Franchisees need to ensure that they always have at least 3 starter kits and 3 extension kits in stock.

Franchisees will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis. Where previous interest has been indicated, preference will be given to these parties. 

Email us to receive our full franchising information pack.