The Terrene Life™ Difference

What is most important for you when determining to lose weight is to establish which of the many available options will best suit you, with each one providing convincing before and after photos, endless testimonials and very convincing arguments.

• We deal with you as a whole person. Not just as kilogrammes and centimetres.
• We are not dependent on supplements to achieve results.
• A success story to us is one that sees you healthy throughout the process, with good health and sustained weightloss a year later.
• We work with a small number of clients at a time to ensure that our commitment to you is never compromised.
• We view our function not as one of policing, but as one of support.
• We monitor you daily and meet with you weekly to ensure that we can address any hiccups immediately.

Typically, diets focus on one thing and one thing only: weight loss. This is simply not good enough.

At Terrene Life™ we are concerned about:

Indiscriminate weight loss can do as much harm to the human body as carrying some extra weight. Losing muscle and losing essential fats that protect the body are potentially dangerous, while losing water is illusory, yet all of these will result in a lower number on your scale and possibly even a loss of centimetres.

Many diets attempt to counter the negative effects by depending on a multitude of supplements and nutrient boosters. However, the only form in which the human body can consistently metabolise minerals and vitamins in the correct way at the correct dosage, is via natural foods.

We are incredible machines, designed to function at optimal efficiency in even the most primitive of states, with lean, healthy bodies that are able to sustain and regulate themselves internally - naturally.

Taking daily mega doses of multi vitamins and minerals is unnatural, is not the way that we were designed to function and simply continues the cycle of abusing our bodies with excesses of substances that are unnatural, processed, manipulated or just plain toxic.

Obesity and excess weight are a symptom of physiological malfunction.

The fact that a diet depends on supplements indicates that it is addressing the symptom of overweight via nutritional starvation methods, rather than recognising the underlying malfunction and addressing the cause.

Terrene Life™ goes to the source of the problem and does not just focus on weight loss, but targets the physiological malfunction that caused the excessive weight in the first place.

There are no supplements that form a common component/requirement because your body will not be starved and will, during the course of the protocol re-learn how to metabolise nutrients correctly.

Another key difference between the Terrene Life™ protocol and typical diets is that we monitor your weight daily. This allows us to pick up clear patterns in your weight loss and address any problems very quickly.

It is also hugely encouraging for you to see the difference day-by-day and know that you are in control of your body, not the other way around.

Your first consultation and assessment are absolutely free, with no obligation or pressure to commit.

The first consultation involves quite a comprehensive assessment that includes the normal weight and measurements, but goes further to look at your weight history, your medical profile, a urine analysis and your body profile. We are not very concerned with your body type classification or BMI because those are almost entirely irrelevant except to provide future 'before and after' data.

The protocol itself is however entirely independent of these statistics because the focus is on getting your body back to its correct 'default' settings. In the end, your body itself will provide the correct statistics.

Who Will Benefit?

When it comes to weight loss, people generally fit one of 4 basic profiles. We describe each profile as follows:

The Easy Dieter

- You can lose weight as easily as you gain it. It just takes a bit of determination and self-control.

You will benefit very quickly, though you most likely do not need it.The greatest benefit for you doing this protocol is if you normally regain as easily as you lose. The mechanics of the protocol makes it much harder to regain weight that has been lost.

The Structured Dieter

- You can generally lose weight without an issue, but need a structure (a formal weight loss programme) to assist you. Without this you find it very hard to stick to your resolve.

You too will benefit very quickly. We offer a very clear protocol with tremendous, unwaivering support. There is also the added benefit that it becomes harder to regain the weight you have lost.

The Disproportionate Dieter

- You can lose weight with or without major effort, but have certain problem areas that nothing will shift - neither exercise nor gym. You are most likely a prime candidate for liposuction.

You will benefit quickly. People like yourself are amongst the most satisfied after completing the protocol because the problem areas are finally in proportion - without having to resort to surgery. You will also not lose weight on any other area of your body where you do not have excess fat.

The Impossible Dieter

- You simply cannot lose weight no matter how much you exercise or change your lifestyle or even starve yourself.  Permanent weight loss and having a body that you can love seems like an impossible fantasy that you will never achieve. 
If you ever do manage to lose a kilogramme, it simply comes straight back, no matter how strict and careful you are with what you eat. You have most likely been lectured, judged, told that you lack self-discipline, called lazy, told you eat too much, mocked, teased and ridiculed.  When you go on a diet and do not achieve the results, you are accused of cheating. You may even have been tested for hypothyroidism and nothing was found wrong, which further reinforced the belief that you are simply a lazy glutton looking for an excuse. It is very possible that you have already given up and resigned yourself to living the rest of your life with a body that is a daily source of stress. 
As the writer of this, my heart goes out to you, because I was you.

Yes. Yes. Yes! You will benefit from the programme. Perhaps a bit slower than the first three groups of people, but still quite quickly - and it can be kept off! People with your profile are the greatest success stories of this protocol because we know what others don't - that the issue is not gluttony, laziness or lack of will power. It is a severe malfunction of certain physiological functions and this is exactly what Terrene Life™ protocol addresses. It goes to this root cause and this is what makes it work where all others have failed.

The 'normal' body that you fantasise about is the body you were meant to have. Something has gone wrong. We can help.


We could say that the Terrene Life™ RTF protocol addresses the endocrine system, but it in fact goes beyond the endocrine system, right to the very organ that controls it.

It goes back prior to genetics and obesity traits with which you may have been born.

It goes back prior to cellular memory that keeps forcing your body to repeat the same wrong processes over and over again.

The main focus of the protocol is to reset your body back to its correct state, prior to everything that has caused its processes to go awry, including the abuse that is normally associated with Western living, namely the high intake of toxins, chemicals, modified and processed foods that essentially go against nature (and therefore stress our bodies) and synthetic drugs, hormones and supplements.

Imagine an electronic device, like your cell phone, that has one of those wonderful buttons you can click which will, 'restore factory default settings'. No matter how much you have messed up the settings, you can always undo all the damage and start again.

Now imagine that your body had just such a switch.
It does.
This is a very simplified illustration of what the Terrene Life™ RTF protocol does to your body.

The protocol forces the release of cellular memory right along with the release of all your abnormal fat. It also re-programmes your body to register a new 'correct' weight and a new way of processing and storing energy so that regaining the weight that you have lost is a lot harder than on normal diets.

Finally, once you have reached your correct weight, it corrects any genetic propensity that you may have toward obesity.

This all means that even if you do become totally negligent afterwards and start gorging on all the wrong foods and drinks, the weight that you gain would be different to the weight previously gained.

This is both a good and bad thing. Good because you will not follow the old patterns of gaining in specific problem areas. Bad because your weight gain would be more evenly distributed and therefore harder to detect.

For this reason, starting from day 1 on the protocol, there is one rule that must be adhered to for the rest of your life:

Weigh yourself every single day.

If you do this religiously and you do ever notice a weight gain, it can be immediately rectified - literally overnight.


What follows is an extremely simplified explanation of how the Terrene Life™ RTF protocol resets the body.

At the base of the brain exists the tiniest organ in the human body, the diencephalon. This relays sensory information between different regions in the brain and controls some major bodily functions, including the automatic functions, endocrine functions and motor functions, hearing, vision, smell, taste, touch and homeostasis.

Amongst the automatic functions, the fact that we are most concerned with is that it controls the way in which the body stores energy reserves (in the form of body fat) and later draws on them when needed.

It is this organ on which the protocol works and which is reset via the combination of the RTF formula and the extremely strict diet that is followed during the protocol.The combination and quantity of foods that you eat on the protocol provide basic nutrition and keep normal digestive processes functioning, while simultaneously allowing the body to cleanse and rest.

At the same time, the formula that you take daily forces the breakdown of abnormal fat deposits, releasing these into the bloodstream for consumption in exactly the way that the body is designed to function.

One of the problems with normal diets is that the energy reserves that your body taps into when restricting your intake are indiscriminately selected, normally from the areas of the body that are not in fact storing the largest and oldest bulk. Once you have lost all the easily accessible fat, muscle tissue starts to be used for energy, yet the 'problem areas' somehow still remain. You could be looking anorexic everywhere else and have a drawn and haggard face from excessive weight loss - yet still have the unsightly bumps and bulges that simply will not shift!

This is where the Terrene Life™ RTF protocol physically shows itself to not be like any diet.

Because of the way that this protocol works, it ONLY targets the problem areas - the abnormal fat deposits that your body should have shed a long time ago, but hasn't. It also NEVER draws from muscle tissue.

This means that while losing weight your body shape changes correctly and becomes better proportioned and, no matter what, you can never lose more weight than you should because muscle and essential fats that are there to protect your body can never be lost. There is no looking haggard and no feeling hungry. There is also no requirement to hit the gym or start exercising madly.

In fact, you are specifically required to NOT suddenly increase your daily activity level during the protocol as this can interfere with the very sensitive processes that are taking place in your body.

If you are so inclined afterwards, exercise is indisputably good for many aspects of your health and we highly encourage it, but your weight is not dependent on it.

The Process

Terrene Life™ protocol is generally stricter than diets you may have tried, but is also remarkably simple to follow. Foods eaten are cheap and readily available. Although it is based on low caloric intake by mouth, there is no calorie counting and only 1 food item is weighed per meal. This is always the same weight.

It comprises of 5 phases, the first 4 lasting a very specific period of time: 

Phase 1: Preparation phase : 2-10 days based on your initial assessment and progress on Phase 1. (norm is 4-5)
Phase 2: Restricted eating coupled with the daily intake of the RTF formula: 43 days
Phase 3: Stabilisation phase : 3 weeks.
Phase 4: Reorientation phase: 3+ weeks.

Phase 5: Maintenance phase: lifetime maintenance that does not require a complete change in lifestyle to the point of being impossible. Generally diets are dependent on a complete change in the way you eat and the amount of exercise that you get. With this protocol we encourage you to make healthier choices wherever you possibly can, but you do not need to give up anything or start spending hours working out. The point is to get your body working within YOUR sustainable lifestyle, not make it impossible to live your normal life. By this point you will have learned how your body reacts to various foods and how to avoid or immediately correct any overload situation that could or does result in weight gain. Increased awareness becomes the key to maintaining the weight loss. 

We do need to state here that if you perpetually eat excessive amounts of high calorie foods while sitting behind a desk or being a couch potato, then maintaining your weight loss will be harder.

Once your body programming has been reset, the basic principle of 'input must equal output' in order to maintain a healthy body and weight, will apply, because this is how the body is designed to function.

However, by the end of the protocol you will find that your required portion sizes and hunger levels have normalized, your attitude toward food has shifted and your attitude toward your body has changed.

This means that if you previously had a lifestyle that was guaranteed to cause poor health and high weight, then all of these factors combined will make it a lot easier to make the few lifestyle adjustments that may be needed.

This process and the length of each phase means that you need to allow a period of 10-12 weeks in order to lose the weight and adjust back into your normal lifestyle with the new weight sustainable.

The period for phase 2 can however be reduced or slightly extended in certain individual cases, depending on the total amount that you need to lose and your overall physiological profile.

The minimum period that can be allowed for an entire course on the protocol is however 7 weeks and the maximum would be around 16 weeks.

During a single course of 6-8 weeks you can typically expect to lose between 9kg and 16kg. The exact amount that you lose is dependent on a few factors:

• How strictly you follow the protocol (deviations will cost you dearly).
• The length of your specific protocol (average loss for a normal 6 week active phase is 12-15kg).
• Your overall health and medical history, both historical and current.
• Your menopausal state - some women lose slower during pre-menopause and menopause.
• Your dieting history - a history of yo-yo dieting can slow your losses.
• Your massage history - a history of 'hard' massages can cause difficulties in some areas of the body. 

This will all be discussed with you fully, before you make any commitments.


There is extensive support throughout the protocol.

This includes:
• Daily check-ins via WhatsApp (preferred) or email.
• Weekly personal consultation, ideally at the same time each week.
• 7 Day a week access and support, which you are strongly urged to make use of.
• Complete hand-held support for the entire period of the protocol, including 12 months from commencing Phase 4 (establishing a sustainable lifestyle).

You are never on your own! 

Based on feedback from our clients, this is what makes the biggest difference in being able to stick to what can sometimes be quite a challenging protocol. 

The Result

While this protocol works for everyone, regardless of age, weight, size, shape or level of activity, you are unique and every body is not exactly the same as every other body.

Lifestyle habits, genetics and your personal history can and most likely will, to some extent, affect the exact day-to-day behavior of your body whilst following the protocol.

However, the basic physiology of most human bodies is identical, which means that if you adhere to this strictly, you WILL see results. In fact, most people report results that far exceed their expectations because of the impact of this protocol on overall health and wellness.

What every single person does experience is the following:

• Rapid weight loss. Contrary to popular belief based on outdated and misunderstood information (sadly, still frequently touted), this is not dangerous. The issue is not the rapid weight loss, it is HOW this is achieved that is the issue. With Terrene Life™, your overall health is an essential part of the overall focus.
• Proportionate body shape once your correct weight has been reached.
• Loss of cellulite.
• Healthy skin tone and appearance.
• Various health problems either cleared up or reduced.
• New 'normal' body weight locked into your brain.
• New 'programming' that dictates your body deals correctly with energy storage going forward, resulting in a maintained weight loss.

This protocol should not be undertaken unless you are ready to commit to its completion.

Suddenly stopping partway through will result in weight gain.