Rapid Results

I joined the [Terrene Life­­™] weightloss programme as I wanted to lose a few extra kg's that I had gained during the course of the year and was just battling to get rid of, I wanted something that would work quickly and be sustainable, someone I knew had very successfully lost weight on Terrene Life™ and kept it off so I decided it was the way to go.

My results were quite rapid and it was very motivational to see my weight dropping on almost a daily basis. Whilst I found Phase 2 very challenging due to the amounts of physical exercise I was doing, the motivation of the daily losses kept me going as did Vivienne's unwavering support, there were times that I was ready to give up but Vivienne very tactfully kept me on track. Initially, I was concerned that the support might be an issue with me being based in Jo-burg and the support being provided remotely from Durban, however the support was excellent, Vivienne was very responsive and very quickly responded to SMS'S and e-mails.

In four weeks I am within 1kg of my ideal weight (something which I had actually given up as unachievable quite a few years ago). All I have wanted to achieve from a weight loss perspective, is to shamelessly wear a pair of shorts in the summer. I think I have achieved that already and not only that, I might even be able to shamelessly wear a bikini this summer. I am thrilled with the results!

Weight Loss : 9.9 Kgs

Monique Steven - Roodeport
Age : 34

Healthier Lifestyle

I am a mother of a 6-year-old boy and he is my entire world but after giving birth to him, my weight only went up and it’s been a real struggle ever since then.

With weight gain came many challenges like not being able to walk without losing breath, not fitting into my clothes and waking up every morning and not liking what I see in the mirror. It started leading to depression and overeating as they say “Some people eat their feelings” and that’s just what I did, but it didn’t end there, I actually started getting too comfortable with my unhealthy lifestyle.

This was until my father discovered Terrene LifeTM and after his amazing loss of 23 kgs I was blessed with the opportunity to join the program. I went on the program with a goal weigh loss of 12 kgs and I achieved 20 kgs.
I am excited about introducing people who are desperate to lose weight the “right way” to this program. After seeing phenomenal results and increasing my chances of leading a happy and healthy life it’s going to be so fulfilling to help others who have health issues but no proper way of losing weight.

Since my father has invested in Terrene Life by buying a franchise, I am now entrusted with the opportunity to assist others who have similar weight problems and people who are serious about losing weight. 

Target Weight Loss: 15 Kgs
Weight Loss: 20 kgs 

Ronette Rabinund - Durban
Age: 28

Impressed to Invest

I was really struggling with my weight gain since I quit smoking in 2011.

I was desperately looking for a slimming program that works. One of my friends who went on the weight loss program and lost 33kgs, introduced me to Terrene Life.

I went on the program in January 2019 and after the first week I lost 6 kgs. I rapidly continued losing weight in Phase 2 of the program. This improved my energy levels, sugar and blood pressure, cholesterol, breathing and my skin.

I suffered from Sleep Apnea for many years, but ever since I went on the program, I stop using the CPAP machine to sleep and I stopped snoring. I ended up losing 23 kgs and dropped pants size from 42 to 36.

After intense tests, my doctor reduced the dosage of all chronic medication which has not changed.

Due to the overwhelming results I achieved, I put my daughter on the program who has since lost 20 kgs. She has experienced similar wellness results as I did.

I was so impressed with the results both my daughter and I achieved, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and purchased a franchise with Terrene Life which we are currently setting up in Durban South.

My advice to anyone who is serious about weight loss, this is a quick and fast solution. 

Weight Loss: 23 kgs

George Rabinund - Durban 
Age : 53

Improved Health

I felt it Important to do a proper and detailed report back to you about my personal opinion regarding my treatment plan and the resultant outcome. To have simply put pen to paper and summed it up would not do any justice to you and therefore i thought it prudent to elaborate... I believe that my story is one of many similar ones that need to be told. 

You will recall when I walked into your consulting rooms on the first day I said that I felt like a 70 year old. The full extent of my condition was as follows :- 

Valarie Naidoo - Durban

- My body was riddled with pain which had started almost about 2 years prior to commencing your treatment plan in 2016. I was having sleepless nights from pain in my joints , viz. wrists, shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees, lower legs including ankles and toes.

- I was originally referred to a Rheumatologist Specialist and following numerous tests the opinion was that it was arthritis of one kind for which a treatment plan was prescribed.

- They put me on medication and there were days when the pain was so intense that I resolved to more painkillers which I must confess gave me short periods of respite. Well no one need explain that this medication puts one at risk for kidney damage so I was subjected to blood tests on every visit to the specialist. I was also put on chronic medication. Each visit to the specialist incurred an average cost of R1000 paid by me.

- The overall pain in my joints was so intense that I had many sleepless nights, I woke up feeling tired drained and sick, felt like my heart was packing up. I had through other research learnt that ice packs offered some relief in such cases and I resolved to purchasing ice packs which with the help of my husband we spent many nights applying the packs to swollen and painful joints. The ice packs offered me temporary relief but the pain was back the next day and we had to repeat the process almost every other night. Because of the intense pain I was starting to become more stressed and it was adding to my illness. I was also struggling to get sleep many a night due to the pain - as a consequence I was also given sleeping tablets on occasion, I wanted it to help me get sleep.

- I was on pressure medication for several years prior to seeing you, and almost at my wits end and in deep desperation when I got to you: 

I saw my pains disappear within 2 weeks of starting the programme. 

This was a miracle for me, no body pains or swollen and inflamed joints. The words that filled my mind was that the pain was gone, it had disappeared - my nightmare was over. My family were speechless, and for this I owe you a most sincere thank you, I also thank the Lord for bringing me to a person like you - you are truly blessed in your work .

I owe you far more than the money outlaid for the programme, I owe you for giving my life back to me - I was really badly depressed and despondent when I came to you. I also want to express my thanks to my dear sister-in-law Indrani for leading us both to you.

The other amazing thing is that I was taken off the pressure tablets within a short space of starting the treatment with you, how wonderful is that !!!

What I have since learned is that our body health depends very much on the foods we eat, the various make up of food ; all impact on maintaining a sound body. We need to be very aware of this and watch the factors that introduce illness e.g. pain or swollen and inflamed joints, I have seen this in me on the odd day now that I am eating a wider spread of food i am aware that some of them cause pain and immediately back off these products and watch that the body returns to normal following such exposure.

I am able to watch my weight too each day and that has a bearing on maintaining a healthy life style, in this whole process my weight has come down to 70kgs from 85kgs, a loss of some 15 kilos which I have been striving for many years to achieve and only successfully under your plan. Today I feel like a 40 year old and am quickly regaining my self-confidence, I would recommend anyone with similar conditions including illness, overweight and obese issues to consider your program .

It is such a pity the medical aids do not have recognition for this type of natural remedy. I do not see any conflict of costs. It should actually result in many medical aids saving funds in the long term.

In conclusion I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for helping me recover from my illness, I can only sympathize with those folks that suffer such fates and yet, in many cases, help is only a few finger tips away from contacting you.